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What are cookies?

Cookies do many different jobs, such as allowing you to navigate between pages efficiently, storing your preferences, and generally improving your experience with a website. Cookies make the interaction between you and the website faster and easier. If a website does not use cookies, it will think that you are a new visitor every time you go to a new page on the site - for example, when you enter your login information and switch to another page, it will not recognize you and you will not be able to log in.

Most websites you visit use cookies to improve your user experience by ensuring that this website remembers you for the duration of your visit (using a 'session cookie') or on repeat visits (using a 'persistent cookie').

What's in your cookie?

A cookie is a simple text file stored on your computer or mobile device by a website's server, and only that server can receive or read the contents of that cookie. Each cookie is specific to your web browser. Cookies are created when you remember your registered login information, theme selection, preferences and other personalization functions that you use to visit a website that uses cookies to track your movements within the site, helping you continue where you left off. It allows a website to remember things like your preferences or what's in your shopping cart. Cookies can also help a website organize content to more quickly match your preferred interests.

What should you do if you do not want cookies to be set?

Some people find the idea of ​​a website storing information on their computer or mobile device a bit intrusive. Although this is usually pretty harmless, for example, you may not want to see content that targets your interests. If you wish, it is possible to block some or all of the cookies, or even delete the preset cookies; however, you should be aware that you may lose some functionality of this Website.

How can I control cookies?

If you do not want to receive any cookies, you can change your browser settings to notify you when cookies are sent, or you can refuse cookies altogether. You can also delete the preset cookies. also offers the possibility to opt out of each category of cookies (except strictly necessary cookies) by clicking the "cookie settings" button below.

Types of cookies

Cookies may be set by the website you visit (“first-party cookies”) or perhaps other websites that publish content on the page you are viewing (“third-party cookies”). When you use our website, services, applications, messaging and tools, or authorized service providers may collect information to operate and improve your experience on our websites.

Below is a detailed list of the cookies we use on our Websites. We categorize cookies according to the following categories

  • Absolutely necessary Cookies
  • Functional Cookies
  • Analytics Cookies
  • Targeting Cookies

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are necessary for the website to function and cannot be turned off in our systems. Setting your cookie preferences, filling out forms, etc. They are triggered by an action like You can set your browser to block them, but some parts of the website will not work.

Functional Cookies

These cookies, managed by us or by third parties, allow us to memorize preferences you have provided to us on previous visits, as well as provide you with news feeds, sharing shared functions, etc. It offers advanced functions such as You can disable them but remove these functionalities and screens so our website may not be fully visible.

On, when you log in, you are presented with warnings defined according to your profile. This cookie helps us manage this.


Make sure the search queries on our site work optimally.


These include quizzes, forms, etc. for your browsing convenience. It allows us to display it directly on our web pages.


This allows us to view YouTube videos directly on our site. Please note that your interactions with these videos are sent back to YouTube for statistics and potentially promotional purposes.

Social media

These allow us to view posts from social media sources (twitter feeds, facebook photo galleries, etc.). Please note that interaction with these posts is sent back to the Social Media website for statistics and potentially promotional purposes.

Analytics Cookies

We use cookies to measure our traffic and know your behavior on our site: which page you visit, how you get there (navigation), how long you have left, etc. This allows us to see and understand how our website is used. and adjust it to make improvements to your navigation. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know when you visited our site.

Google Ads

When using Google advertising, we also measure its impact. Please note that this tag also allows other third parties to collect information about you and to create personalized ads for you through Google ads.

Google Analytics

These let us know how you came to our page and how you interacted with our pages – scrolling, clicking, how long you stayed, etc.

Targeting Cookies

We use targeting cookies to profile users with their actions on our site, in order to better understand your interests and provide recommendations and communications about our services. Targeting cookies are also placed by our advertising partners; this way, they can specifically identify you to provide personalized advertisements on their sites or their partner sites. If you'd like to know what else these advertisers are up to, please see their sites and terms.

Privacy and Data Security

We invite you to consult our Privacy Policy to know what data we collect and what we use it for.